Meal Box Style


  • In meal box style school catering, a menu of four choices is offered each day. Meals are freshly cooked at our central production facility and are kept in insulated boxes and stored in safe temperature zones (Hot Meals: over 60ºC, Cold Meals: 0 to 4ºC) prior to being delivered to schools with our own truck fleet.
  • Our staff will distribute the meal boxes to students outside the classrooms. Each student will receive a set of re-washable plastic service trays, forks and spoons upon first meal order.
  • Spare meal boxes will be provided to the school each day. These meal boxes will be placed in a separated insulated box and located in a place where it is the most convenient for the students.
  • We will collect all the garbage for disposal and the insulated boxes for cleaning and sanitation in our facilities after the lunch hour.
  • Food leftover and used meal boxes will be collected by a designated recycling company for recycling treatment.