About LSG Catering China Ltd.


As a wholly owned subsidiary of LSG Group, LSG Catering China Ltd. has more than 70 years of experience in offering institutional catering services. With our extensive culinary experience, we provide a wide range of authentic international cuisines to our clients in staff canteens and restaurants, a wide variety of banquet functions, food delivery, outdoor event catering and school catering services.


Corporate Values

• We utilize every possible resource to guarantee quality and consistency throughout the entire catering service supply chain. (More information…)
• Social responsibility and environmental safety constitute an important part of our company values. (More information…)




LSG Catering China Ltd., a former subsidiary of Dairy Farm Limited, was later owned by LSG Lufthansa Service GmbH when LSG acquired Dairy Farm Aircraft Catering and General Catering in 1990. Since then, LSG Catering China Ltd. has become a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of LSG Group.