Healthy School Catering

Menu Planning

• Our monthly lunch menus are designed by our Registered Dietitian and the Executive Chef to ensure that they are not only healthy and nutritious but also delicious.

• New items are introduced regularly.

• We ensure that all the menus follow the “Nutritional Guidelines on Lunch for Students” published by the Department of Health, in terms of quality and quantity of food.

• Principles set out in the “Nutritional Guidelines on Snacks for Students “are also followed.

Professional Services

• We regularly organize nutrition talks and cooking workshops and develop nutrition materials to promote health and nutrition, with a dedication to cultivating students’ life-long healthy eating habits.

“” Campaign


To improve the eating habits of school children, we fully support this Campaign as we understand that healthy diet is important for children's growth and prevention of childhood obesity and chronical diseases. Well-balanced nutrition should weigh equally with children’s preference of taste. 


Green Monday


• We take an active role to increase the provision of green choices in our menus to reduce carbon footprint and promote green and sustainable living style.