Cooking Demonstration and Cooking Class Service


Strict Promoter Regulations

We have extensive experience in serving different customers in the same product category at the same time. To ensure that we always meet our client’s expectations, we set an internal regulation that restricts our staff to promote sole product brand in each product category.


Extensive Supporting Network

We have a strong network with major retail shops and we visit these shops on a regular basis. With our extensive network combined with market information collected by the frontline promoters, we can provide suggestions and proposals to our clients on formulation of competitive marketing programs and choice of retail shop locations.

To ensure the success of a sales program, a series of sales supporting services is indispensable. Our supporting team offers the following service:

• Window display and promotion items inspection
• POP and POSM delivery to retail locations
• Mystery Shopper Program
• Product demonstration
• Menu design
• Cooking class